CA License PI-24595

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​    Fax: (951) 688-2447

SBI, Inc. consists of an integrated team of highly qualified persons, who consistently strive for optimum results. We have investigated some highly complex and sensitive cases and are adept to managing multiple cases with multiple Investigators at one or several locations. These assignments require effective communication, organization, planning and resources. 

Our Investigators are equipped with high definition digital and covert video devices along with the tools necessary to obtain quality video evidence to assist in the evaluation of your claims. Investigations conducted by our office have resulted in dozens of cases that have been referred for SIU and criminal charges including a number of successful prosecutions for Workers’ Compensation Fraud.


Please contact us to open a new case.

The scope of our investigations can include:

  • Social Media; Comprehensive Activity Searches

  • Comprehensive Database Searches
  • Vehicle Registrations; Drivers’ License History
  • Civil & Criminal Records
  • Real Property Records
  • Aliases (AKA’s)
  • Comprehensive Report, Detailing the Assignment
  • DVD Video; Client Video Portal

Workers' Compensation Surveillance​